Long ago, in the late 1980s, the Fisher Family lived in this 1878 Queen Anne Victorian in northeast Florida.

The Fisher Family lived in this Queen Anne home for ten years. When they first moved in, they discovered the kitchen was an add-on built without permits. The flooring joists and subflooring were rotten and collapsed when their young daughter washed the dishes and soaked the floor. The walls were painted over cardboard box material. Newspaper insulation covered frayed extension cord wiring.

After Brian and Evan Fisher rebuilt the kitchen, Jeanette, an interior designer at the time, said it “felt all wrong.” She went with Evan to the University of Florida where he attended the School of Architecture. Evan taught his mom how to research using microfiche before the internet existed. Jeanette researched interior design elements backwards. She called her findings Design Psychology and wrote Joy to the Home, which she kept as trade secrets. Jeanette believes the training she received to become an interior designer didn’t teach her to consider the emotional effects but stressed high-style, expensive and status-seeking home design. Other design psychology researchers came on the scene later, but have different philosophies.

The Fishers remodeled the three-story home over and over perfecting Jeanette’s research and experiments. In 1998, the family moved back to California’s dry climate for their daughter Sara’s health benefits. They continued to experiment and perfect Design Psychology with many fix & flip properties and did a reality  TV show for TLC’s Flip That House. Sara passed on in 2005 and Brian Fisher died during the filming of Flip That House.

The small Palatka town offers St Johns River and springs recreation, hometown festivals, and the gorgeous Ravine Gardens. Hikers enjoy wildlife sightings, huge cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss, historic rock work built during the depression, colorful giant azaleas, a stream with an old waterwheel, and a suspension bridge walkway.

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The St Johns river is over a mile wide and 300 miles long. It’s the only US river to flow north!


St Johns River, UF Photo