Do you feel happy at home? Could your life be better if your home offered more emotional support?


I struggled for years learning how to make our home a refuge, a comfort for all our hardships. Once I got all the details of design psychology worked out and created an awesome environment, we had to leave our home. However, all the design lessons paid off because I knew how to set up home anywhere, with little or no money.

You can create a home for yourself that brings you joy. Besides safety and shelter, I mean a place that makes you smile and feel loved.

When I studied interior design, the instructors taught us about the elements of design. The emphasis was on creating a beautiful, prestigious home that cost a lot. Interior designers mostly make money off of a percentage of sales. We never had an instructor who talked about do-it-yourself design. My instructors were mostly furniture sales professionals from high-end furniture stores with a  two-year degree in interior design.

When you dream up a design plan for your home, it’s a fun activity. Hunting for treasures in antique shops, consignment stores, and even on Craigslist makes many people happy and proud of their creation. If you don’t enjoy the process, do something else. But, if you can afford a top-dollar designer, you may be giving that person something you never thought about:

The enjoyment of creating your own castle gives you a bond with your home!

This is what I SEE in the photo below. I see a $15 chandelier I purchased while going to the grocery store. It was on the lawn of a neighbor’s yard sale. I’ve had it 15 years–this home only six. The crystals came from a Craigslist post a few years ago. The ficus trees house a hummingbird nest. The grandkids left a pool toy. I designed the pool. It doesn’t have a pool company logo advertisement. The fire-rock was drilled and carved by my son, a neuroscientist who looks up how to fix houses on YouTube since his father died too young. The fire-rock took him an entire week of hard work during summer heat. We moved it with a car hoist into position twice. The first time broke the propane pipe. After re-digging the pipes and repairing the damage, we ignited the rock. We danced and shouted! (We can do that with only family and coyotes for neighbors.)

This is what I FEEL.  I feel LOVE.   I feel a sense of accomplishment.   I feel JOY! 

If you would like to have me guide you with your design plan using design psychology, I offer this service free to homebuyers and home sellers.

Let me help you find a real estate agent in your new location who understands the Power of Home. Once you secure a new home, we’ll have a video phone call and walk though the home together. I’ll give you tips on how to design a home that supports your unique home situation, your eight elements of being, and your lifestyle. You’ll get a written Design Psychology Plan created just for you.

I can help you avoid costly mistakes in setting up your home. You deserve to live in lavish splendor without squandering your hard-earned money.

Let me bring JOY into your life!

With love,

Jeanette JOY Fisher