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Katie and Jeanette JOY Fisher in Istabul
Katie and Jeanette JOY Fisher in Istanbul

Our Vision

We love to create sacred dream homes inspired by travel adventures. You’re invited to take a look at our home designs, to take ideas, and make them your own. We’d love to hear from you and see your home too.

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Former Fisher Family Florida Home
Former Fisher Family Florida Home

Our Story by Jeanette JOY Fisher

When Katie was little, she fell through our kitchen floor while helping wash the dishes. The flooring in our 1878 Queen Anne Victorian needed to be replaced along with the sub-flooring. We discovered painted over cardboard walls, newspaper insulation, and frayed extension cord wiring. After my husband and son rebuilt the kitchen, I added paint, wallpaper, and decorations. The kitchen felt all wrong! You can imagine my husband’s response. This was the beginning of my research into the psychology of interior design.

Meet the JOY TO THE HOME Team

The Fisher Family and Joy to the Home has been in the real estate business since the 1970s. Besides selling houses, Brian & Jeanette flipped countless homes using her findings in Design Psychology.


Jeanette JOY Fisher

Founder & CEO

An interior design and real estate instructor, REALTOR®, Design Psychology author, speaker, and social media Influencer, Jeanette JOY loves to explore exotic, spectacular, and fantastical homes and gardens. She also teaches content and social media marketing. Broker Affiliation: Premier Agent Network CA BRE #00474043

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Evan Fisher


Evan Fisher, AIA, Harvard, designs modern resort living style homes in California, Texas, and Florida. If you’re ready for an innovative, highest quality luxury home, see studioarx.com

Katie Crippen

Organic Gardening

Katie loves creating her organic permaculture garden, playing guitar and harmonium, singing, and songwriting. She’s traveled the world and speaks and sings Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Chaz DeSimone

Graphic & Site Design

When only the best design will do, see DeSimoneDesign

Mary Barstow


Mary loves her life in Reno with her husband and visiting her grandchildren. She’s also run a large corporate dairy in California.

Jay Barstow

Sales Manager

Jay has a long history of running sales teams for Car Max and phone rooms.

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